Wednesday, November 28, 2007

beef vermicelli for the law student's soul

Wednesdays are, hands down, the worst day of my week. I have four badly-spaced classes on Wednesday, and I'm usually scrambling to finish an assignment for Legal Writing during the afternoon. On the Wednesdays when memo editing leaves me stressed and miserable, I like to go to the food court at Super 88 for lunch.

I'll grant that the average food court is nothing to write home about - even if I do have something of a soft spot for them - but the one in Super 88 is not your average food court.* Super 88 is an Asian supermarket, and its food court is filled with little places that prepare all sorts of Asian cuisine. The Vietnamese place, Pho Viet, is one of my favorites.

The food at Pho Viet's is delicious, and the prices are kind to a student budget. As long as there's no seafood involved, appetizers cost around three dollars, and entrees about seven. I find that if I order one of each, I can get a second meal out of the leftovers. (That's one more meal I don't have to worry about, leaving more time to study for exams blog about food do other stuff.)

I had beef vermicelli for lunch today - warm glass noodles topped with grilled beef in lemongrass marinade, ground peanuts and green onions, and accompanied by a salad of fresh bean sprouts, cucumber, carrot, and mint. Fish sauce and chili paste are served on the side, and you season everything to taste.

I like to mix the salad right in with the vermicelli - the crunch of the carrots contrasts nicely with the softness of the noodles, and the lemongrass in the beef marinade echoes the grassy flavor of the bean sprouts. It was exactly what I needed after a morning of Contracts and Civil Procedure.

Beef vermicelli is served hot, but the leftovers are just as good cold, so I ate them for dinner along with a side order of pork spring rolls. The spring rolls taste good cold, too: somehow, their crispness becomes an agreeable softness without turning soggy. Full and satisfied, I went off to my writing class in a mood that could almost be described as good.

Wednesdays may still be awful, but food from Pho Viet's goes a long way towards making them bearable.

*I was a mall rat in my teen years. I plead boarding school. There was nothing else to do on Saturday evenings.


Matt said...

The Tofu Sandwich ($3) is my favorite. Don't be scared by the veggie aspect - it's the best sandwich they have.

Lisa said...

I think I just shed a tear. Since moving to a small town in Oregon after living in L.A. and Oakland CaliforiaI haven't once had decent Asian cuisine. I long for something Vietnamese...I want I want. :)