five failed attempts at autobiography

i. fun with limericks

There was a law student, Adele
Who found law school to be hell

She would much rather cook

Than read a casebook -

Her grades didn't fare too well.

ii. life story

Adele is not actually named Adele according to official records, but she prefers to believe that her parents didn't saddle her with an awkward, unimaginative name that made her the target of much teasing during childhood. Adele is a third culture kid who has lived on four continents. Adele spent her high school years in Middle-of-Nowhere, New Hampshire, and attended college in Near-Middle-of-Nowhere, Massachusetts. 

Adele's brain was presumably addled by too many New England winters, because she moved to Boston for law school rather than aiming for warmer climes. Adele did not attend Harvard, much to her parents' disappointment and dismay. 

After graduation, Adele moved to Beijing, and then relocated to Hong Kong, where she finally reached the end of her rope and walked away from law. 

Adele now lives in Melbourne, where she works as a chef. 

iii. psychology of the glutton

All children begin life by exploring the world through their mouths. 

Apparently I never grew out of that stage.

iv. philosophy of food

"Dis-moi ce que tu manges, et je te dirai ce que tu es."

With all due respect, Brillat-Savarin got it wrong. We aren't just what we eat. We are what and where and when and why and how we eat. Food is more than what we put in our mouths. Food is a way to look at the world.

v. the blog as book blurb

Tales of the Basil Queen is a story in irregular installments, chronicling the adventures of Adele, the Basil Queen, as she cooks, eats, and writes about food in a desperate attempt to avoid doing work for law school.

Read about her escapades with such characters as Bella the Popcorn Princess, the Mad Hippie Engineers, and her Food Fairy Godfather. Follow along as Adele bakes legal-themed desserts and angers the weather gods. Learn how to eat a ripe kiwifruit and make creme brulee with an oxyacetylene torch. You'll laugh, you'll cry. Maybe you'll even cook.

Questions, complaints, and book proposals may be directed to thebasilqueen AT

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